Team of Collaborators
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Team of Collaborators  
   Dan Marek  
  Tomáš Kantor  
  Gaudenz Assenza  
  Petr Zahradník  
  Michael J. Baun  
  Alexandra Brabcová  
  Kevin M. Capuder  
  Lucie Tunkrová  
  Vladimír Rišlink  
  Pavel Hýl  
  Danica Pražáková  
  Markéta Šůstková
  Jindřich Záhorka  
Mgr. Markéta Šůstková, PhD.
Advisor for management and human capacity development. She is currently lecturing on Historical Development and Institutional Aspects of European Integration as well as Italian Political System at Palacky University Olomouc. She is dedicated to problematic of de-centralization processes and public administration and development of human resources. She actuated as guest lecturer at Valdosta State University (USA). In 2004 participated at study stay at the University La Sapienza in Rome. She currently teaches at Palacky University as a fellow lecturer.
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