Team of Collaborators
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Team of Collaborators  
   Dan Marek  
Tomáš Kantor  
  Gaudenz Assenza  
  Petr Zahradník  
  Michael J. Baun  
  Alexandra Brabcová  
  Kevin M. Capuder  
  Lucie Tunkrová  
  Vladimír Rišlink  
  Pavel Hýl  
  Danica Pražáková  
  Markéta Šůstková  
  Jindřich Záhorka  
Ing. Tomáš Kantor
Consultant in the field of preparation and drafting of project proposals, elaboration of feasibility studies and financial and marketing analysis. He graduated from ČVUT Prague (1987-1992) and accumulated practical experience in foreign companies such as OTE Athens, Greece (1990), Siemens A.G. Munich, Germany (1991), Sinelec GmbH/Sun Microsystems Munich, Germany (1993). He studied a programme in international economy under the auspicies of the CEP project (Yale University, USA) implemented at the Department of Political Science and European Studies, Palacky University, Czech Republic. He held the position of data-flows analyst in the company Computer Systems Engineering s.r.o. and worked as the production manager in the textile factory SEBA Tanvald – concern 04 (1994-1995). From 1996 to 2003 he was appointed a chief manager and president of the board of directors in the building society Integrastav a.s. Chief Executive Manager, Step Investment Holding (2003-2006).
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