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Team of Collaborators  
   Dan Marek  
  Tomáš Kantor  
  Gaudenz Assenza  
  Petr Zahradník  
  Michael J. Baun  
Alexandra Brabcová  
  Kevin M. Capuder  
  Lucie Tunkrová  
  Vladimír Rišlink  
  Pavel Hýl  
  Danica Pražáková  
  Markéta Šůstková  
  Jindřich Záhorka  
PhDr. Alexandra Brabcová
Dr. Brabcova is a consultant in the area of regional development, preparation of projects for structural funds, and the development of human resources. After studies at the Faculty of Philosophy of the Charles University in Prague, she received a number of international fellowships, including a Fulbright Scholar Program (Washington, DC, 1992). She was Deputy Director of the National Gallery in Prague (1991), and worked at the Prague Municipal Authority as the Director of the Department of International Relations (1993-1995), and the Counselor to the Mayor (1996). Managed two projects for the Open Society Foundation Prague (1997-2002). Since the mid-1990s, she has been involved in project preparation, educational cycles for the develpment of human resources and strategic planning. Main fields of her acitivities are the preparation of strategic development projects for public administration and submission of project´s propolsals for SF EU and the conceptual development of social responsibility of private businesses. She specializes in the management of cultural and historical heritage.
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