Team of Collaborators
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Team of Collaborators  
   Dan Marek  
  Tomáš Kantor  
  Gaudenz Assenza  
  Petr Zahradník  
  Michael J. Baun  
  Alexandra Brabcová  
  Kevin M. Capuder  
  Lucie Tunkrová  
  Vladimír Rišlink  
  Pavel Hýl
  Danica Pražáková  
  Markéta Šůstková  
  Jindřich Záhorka  
Mgr. Pavel Hýl
Consultant in the field of management of human resources and project management. He is teaching information technologies and mathematics at Economics College in Zlín. There he also works as project manager for the EU Structural Funds and is responsible for the training programs Leonardo da Vinci and Socrates. He completed M.A. program in mathematics and physics at the Palacky University in Olomouc. He later managed to profound his qualification in information technologies while graduating at T. Bata University in Zlín. He as well took part in the “Training Program in Modern School Management” at Helsinki University Knowledge Services Ltd. and a program “Training for Trainers for the Implementation of Structural and Cohesion Funds” held by the Ministry of Regional Development Czech Republic. He gathered more than 10 years of practical experience lecturing on development of human resources. He cooperated in the program for strengthening the capacities of the civil servants in the field of EU Structural Funds.
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